Sustainability initiatives at MCEC

As one of the largest pieces of public infrastructure in Victoria, MCEC’s goal is to help positively shape the future through sustainable business practices. They are continually developing new ways to reduce their environmental impact and implement initiatives that benefit both the delegates and our planet.

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MCEC is the first convention centre in the world to be awarded a 6-star Green Rating and also have Gold Accreditation with the world’s sustainability benchmarking organisation, EarthCheck.


MCEC source the freshest seasonal produce from across Victoria and rotate the wine list to showcase the best Victorian wines. By choosing local, MCEC supports the growth of small businesses, decreases food miles and puts Victorian producers on the world stage for delegates to enjoy.


MCEC implement the use of eWater, removing any harmful chemicals and sanitisers within the MCEC kitchens. eWater is non-hazardous and safe for all staff to use. Find out more here.


MCEC has a partnership with OzHarvest, a charity organisation that rescues unused food from events and distributes to those in need in the community. In 2017, MCEC donated more than 28,000 meals to OzHarvest’s program, saving this food from going to waste.


In 2018, MCEC joined forces with 13 other reputable Melbourne organisations to support the development of a wind farm, under the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project. MCEC’s involvement will allow them to offset projected electricity consumption of the 20,000sqm MCEC expansion. Find out more here

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Some of MCEC’ sustainable design features and green initiatives include:

  • Energy efficient lighting

  • Solar hot water

  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to enhance indoor air quality

  • Waste management compositing facilities

  • Waste separation bins

  • Green power with renewable energy sources


MCEC has removed single use plastics from their retail outlets, eliminated bottled water in catering, and is introducing fully biodegradable coffee cups and lids.


To find out more about MCEC’s approach to sustainability, click here.